WeePlay Club

WeePlay Club

Smarter shopping made simple!

Bundles of the toys and books your baby needs for healthy development, selected by experts and delivered to your door.

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How it works

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WeePlay Activities in the app tell you how and when to use the recommended toys and books.

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Join the WeePlay Club to receive bundles of the recommended toys and books, delivered every three months.

Play to learn

Choose a WeePlay Activity on the app, grab the toy or book and have fun playing and learning together.

Three ways to join

Surveys show U.S. families on average spend more than $400 a year on baby toys and books. WeePlay Club members save time, spend less and reduce waste!

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Why join the WeePlay Club?

More stuff is not the answer. Buying a ton of baby toys is draining your wallet, and having too many toys can drain your child’s ability to think creatively, says a recent study in The Journal of Infant Behavior and Development. So here’s a smart idea to limit the clutter and expense: Join the WeePlayClub!

Our child development experts have assembled the best stuff your child needs from birth to age 3 for healthy development and preschool readiness. It’s a surprisingly short list – just 50 or so back-to-basics toys along with 40 carefully selected books that develop key concepts, like empathy and sharing. Best of all, you’ll get instructions on how to use this essential collection over and over as your child grows. Our activities are correlated to the WeeSchool Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and use best practices recommended by the Harvard Center on the Developing Child.

What you get

Year 1 Bundles get baby off to a great start. Year 2 Bundles contain more toys and book than Year 1 as baby can do more and natural language development accelerates. Year 3 Bundles will be available soon.

Bundle 1 for Birth to 3 Months COMING SOON

Product Developmental Concept
Baby Bonding Toy by Yoee Bonding
Whoozit Activity Spiral by Manhattan Toy Grasping
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Bundle 2 for 4 to 6 Months COMING SOON

Product Developmental Concept
Musical Farmyard Cube by Melissa & Doug Staying engaged
Caterpillar Grasping Toy by Melissa & Doug Using my hands
Bug Jug Fill & Spill by Melissa & Doug Maintaining focus
Press & Go Inchworm by Melissa & Doug Investigating cause and effect
“Bear’s New Friend” by Karma Wilson Building relationships
Dress Up Bear by Melissa & Doug Solving problems in different ways
“First 100 Words” by Roger Priddy Building my vocabulary
Num Num Dips by Num Num Eating well
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Bundle 3 for 7 to 9 Months COMING SOON

Product Developmental Concept
Rainbow Stacker by Melissa & Doug Classifying
2-in-1 Talking Ball by Melissa & Doug Playing with numbers
“Feely Bugs to Touch and Feel” by David Carter Using my senses
“From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle Interacting with stories
Water Magic Cube by Edushape Exploring cause and effect
Sunny Yellow Lab by Melissa & Doug Caring for animals
“Tails are Not for Pulling” by Elizabeth Verdick Caring for animals
Mini Mat by ezpz Eating well
WeeSchool App Premium Membership

Bundle 4 for 10 to 12 Months COMING SOON

Product Developmental Concept
“Baby Signs” by Joy Allen Speaking with gestures
Match and Roll Shape Sorter by Melissa & Doug Finding differences
“The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor” by Stan & Jan Berenstain Staying healthy
Pullback Vehicle Set by Melissa & Doug Pulling and pushing
“Rosie’s Walk” by Pat Hutchins Observing positions
“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Helen Oxenbury Observing simple patterns
“A Fish Out of Water” by Helen Palmer and PD Eastman Reading together
“Families, Families, Families!” by Suzanne Lang Celebrating family
WeeSchool App Premium Membership

Bundle 5 for 13 to 15 Months AVAILABLE JULY

Product Developmental Concept
Match and Build Soft Blocks by Melissa & Doug Investigating a toy
Zoo Friends Hand Puppets by Melissa & Doug Puppeteering
“Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse” by Lindsay Barrett George Using position words
“How Did That Get in My Lunchbox?” by Chris Butterworth Eating well
“My Mouth is a Volcano” by Julia Cook Listening
Caterpillar Xylophone by Melissa & Doug Making music
Bowling Friends Preschool Playset by Melissa & Doug Moving my body
Magnetic Hide and Seek by Melissa & Doug Remembering
Farm Sound Blocks by Melissa & Doug Finding solutions
WeeSchool App Premium Membership

Bundle 6 for 16 to 18 Months AVAILABLE JULY

Product Developmental Concept
Farm Friends Hand Puppets by Melissa & Doug Expressing in different ways
Deluxe Wooden First Vehicles Set by Melissa & Doug Rolling
Mr. Tambourine Kid’s Wooden Instrument by Hape Tapping and striking
“The Feelings Book” by Todd Parr Showing emotion
Roll and Play Board Game by Think Fun Following commands
My First Crayola Fingerpaint Kit by Crayola Finger painting
“Mix it Up!” by Herve Tullet Finger painting
“Take a Bath!: My Tips for Keeping Clean” by Gina Bellisario Keeping clean
Giddy Buggy Kickball by Melissa & Doug Exercising
“Horton Hatches the Egg” by Dr. Seuss Doing my part
“Hello, World! Weather” by Jill McDonald Wondering about weather
WeeSchool App Premium Membership

Bundle 7 for 19 to 21 Months AVAILABLE JULY

Product Developmental Concept
“The Way I Feel” by Janan Cain Expressing thoughts and feelings
“Sharing Time” by Elizabeth Verdick Sharing
“The Little Red Hen” by Diane Muldrow Showing fairness
Giddy Buggy Watering Can by Melissa & Doug Caring for plants
“Lots of Grandparents” by Deborah J. Short Growing older
Farm Lacing Beads by Melissa & Doug Exploring farm life
“One Bean” by Anne Rockwell Caring for plants
Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks by Melissa & Doug Ordering objects
My First Sidewalk Chalk Set by Melissa & Doug Drawing
My First Games – Hungry as a Bear by HABA Playing and learning together
“Elmer” by David McKee Empathizing
“Waiting is Not Easy” by Mo Willems Being patient
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Bundle 8 for 22 to 24 Months AVAILABLE JULY

Product Developmental Concept
Beginner Pattern Blocks by Melissa & Doug Combining shapes
B. Dr. Doctor Toy Medical Kit for Kids by Battat Pretending
Nesting and Sorting Barns and Animals by Melissa & Doug Exploring space, size and location
“Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do” by Kathryn Heling Exploring my surroundings
“The Berenstain Bears: Jobs Around Town” by Stan and Jan Berenstain Exploring my surroundings
“Helpers in My Community” by Bobbie Kalman Exploring my surroundings
“A Child’s First Picture Atlas” by National Geographic Using a map
Counting Shape Stacker by Melissa & Doug Comparing amounts
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