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WeeSchool’s WeeTube channel is live on YouTube!

Written by Stacy

Hey there! We’re so thrilled to be officially live and available in the app store! But that’s not all! We also have launched our WeeTube channel on YouTube, where you can sample a few of our fantastic videos made just for your wee ones aged three and under. Right now, I’m listening to WeeSchool’s “Sweet Dreams” while I type this post. Soft, beautiful music; gently moving images of the night sky and stars and the slow-moving bubbles in lava lamps. Sooooooo relaxing. Ahhhh.

But my favorite video on our WeeTube channel is a little more upbeat. And even though I’ve seen it at least 30 times, it still makes me smile and laugh out loud. Go see the cuteness! And be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our WeeTube channel, so you can be alerted every time we post something new!

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