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Our WeeSchool baby is here—to help you with your baby

Written by Julie

I’m the mother of two children, but I’ve actually given birth five times.

Three of those births involved business ideas, and as any entrepreneur will tell you, starting a business is a great deal like giving birth to a baby. There’s the Voila! moment when you come up with the idea—that’s the easy (and fun) part. And after that, there’s the incubation period. It’s exciting and filled with hope, but also uncertain and sometimes scary.

Raising a business is just as exciting and hopeful and scary. WeeSchool, my youngest “child,” includes so many big ideas that it’s been more like an elephant’s pregnancy (look that one up and you’ll feel tremendous respect for those beautiful creatures) than a human’s mere nine months of gestation. This, followed by nearly three years of really, really hard work. As I consider it now, it’s a lot like those first three years of life with your child. There have been brilliant, beautiful moments and there have been tears and time outs. During the terrible twos—the second year after birth—I sometimes wanted to give up. Sound familiar?

But now that the baby is here, I feel tremendous pride. Almost 20 years ago I made Baby Einstein videos to give my own kids (and others’) exposure to classical music and art and poetry, and now I’m doing something even better. I still make videos for babies as part of WeeSchool because, honestly, putting a puppet on my hand and making it dance across the screen is super fun for me, and for the wee ones who watch those videos. I still write books for kiddos, too, but now they’re on tablets that make airline trips a whole lot better for every passenger on the plane. What makes these particular books and videos better than ever is that they’re correlated to WeeSchool’s carefully selected toys, concepts, and Play Plans. Everything we do is based on national pediatric standards and research. And building an entire play system on that kind of knowledge base, and making it bite-size shareable with you, is something that technology has allowed to happen. You can see and benefit from all of that in our WeeSchool App, FREE until June 1, 2017!

Babies need the interaction of adults to wake up all the potential that exists in their rapidly-growing brains—and this window of development lays the foundation for all the learning that follows. It’s an elephant-sized amount of information, and it’s been an elephant-sized amount of work. But like any birth, it’s so, so satisfying to watch this elephant grow.

To see a simple (and adorable) video explanation of all the WeeSchool App does for parents, click here!

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Julie Clark, CEO and Founder of weeSchool, wants to live in a world where cookies are for breakfast, puppies never grow old, and the most frequent sound heard is that of children laughing. Mom of two grown-up girls, she mostly misses the smell of tiny babies and still loves making positive, creative products for wee ones.