Visual learning at its best

Content matters. Our videos are the perfect way to expose wee ones to basic concepts using delightful, beautiful images and sounds from the natural world, plus tunes from the WeeTunes Music Library. Every scene is created to engage, educate and entertain, and is aligned with our WeeSchool First Concepts Framework. And, if you’ve ever had to spend time with a fussy baby in the doctor’s office or on an airplane, you’ll find that our download feature is a lifesaver.

App features

  • HD videos can be streamed or downloaded
  • Watch on your mobile device or a smart TV using AirPlay
  • Data available for every scene (toy or image ID, music ID, concept ID)
  • Toys featured in videos are listed with one-tap links to Amazon
  • Daily screen play limit/reminder can be set
  • New titles are added six times a year
when I recently learned about the WeeSchool App, my immediate reaction was OMG this is exactly what sleep-deprived parent data nerds need!