Reviews | Free Baby Milestones, Activities & Music App


WeeSchool uses today’s technology to create the most complete educational experience for babies and toddlers.
There is just something special about knowing WeeSchool gives you the tools to be the mother you want to be – engaged and armed with the knowledge to help your child grow as they approach preschool – as well as both enjoy and chronicle the moments you will always want to remember.
The Play Plans are my favorite feature. A "curriculum" for babies from birth to age 3, WeeSchool gives monthly recommended activities, books, toys and music.
When I recently learned about the WeeSchool App, my immediate reaction was OMG, this is exactly what sleep-deprived, data-nerd parents need!
I have her first smiles and doctor’s stats nicely locked into the WeeSchool App, where the photos are automatically filed to be shared or exported.
WeeSchool that not only tracks developmental milestones, but has a play-based curriculum for children up to age three and even photo journaling capabilities. Basically, everything that I keep in a mess on my phone is now organized and neatly displayed and accessible within this wonderful app.
If you loved Baby Einstein, you will enjoy the content that is available in WeeSchool. It’s all about baby’s development and growth.
If only I could go back in time, because WeeSchool puts it all together in one place.
Parenting with the WeeSchool app helps parents figure out the hard stuff while they get to know their growing child. All in one place, parents can play songs, find the age-appropriate, expert-recommended toys and books to buy, and even set a bath and bedtime routine.
This is a transformative tool for new parents. It is, truly, like having a family educator right at your disposal to help guide you to help your child succeed.
This week I also read a little bit about self-help skills and loved the tips and short video that showed me how I can let my little one work on dressing skills. The tips have actually made getting my one-year-old dressed much less frustrating because she is "helping" and I am doing a better job communicating with her as well.
It’s positive and uplifting (sure beats Google) with a lighthearted touch.
This app is everything and anything a parent could hope and wish for when it comes to raising their child.
This is me learning all over again, and I can’t stress enough how helpful WeeSchool is for me and my daughter.
…awesome when you’re staring at your newborn, wondering how to “play” with them.