Smart content
for happy babies

Sharing a song, a story, or watching a video with your wee one can be a magical and meaningful time. We make great content you can trust and your child will love.

Engage. Educate. Entertain.

  • WeeTube™ Videos

    No one makes better baby and toddler videos than us!  You’ll find bright, positive programs tight inside the WeeSchool app that will make your wee one smile.


    WeeBooks™ Stories

    Best-selling children’s author Julie Clark has created super interactive, sometimes silly, always delightful books for you to read with your baby from our app.  Enjoy from your phone (good), and iPad (better) or even broadcast to your TV screen. WeeSchool books are a great way to engage your wee one.


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    WeeTunes™ Songs

    Create an early love for music with favorite children’s songs and timeless masterworks by Mozart and other Classical greats, inside our app.