I signed up for the WeeSchool Membership, what do I do now?
Begin using the app! Every month, on your child’s “monthly birthday,” you’ll receive a list of the milestones that are typically seen in children of your child’s age. As your child accomplishes each milestone, be sure to record it in the app (using the We Did It! button), and then you can also photograph or shoot a video of your wee one that will be saved in your child’s personalized milestone record on the app. And to support your child’s milestone achievements, use our Play Plans to guide the play that will help your child learn all of the skills—as well as engender discovery and love of learning—that will ready them for preschool. But above all? Have fun with your wee one!

What happens to the photos and information that I put into the app?
We keep them safe and secure for you to have and share with others! In the near future, we will also offer a printable scrapbook that will be an incredible keepsake of your wee one’s first three years of life, complete with specific dates and other information.

What if my child doesn’t complete one of his or her milestones in its assigned month?
Milestones that have been identified by pediatricians are somewhat loose: all children and their developmental paces are unique, truly! Some will reach milestones early, others a bit late, and once in awhile a child will skip a milestone completely! Generally, it’s not a concern. In the WeeSchool app, any milestones you have not identified as completed in their specific month will slide over to the next month, so you can record it as it is achieved. Should you be concerned about your baby missing a milestone that seems important to you, we recommend speaking with your pediatrician about it. In fact, you can use our in-app reporting to very conveniently and easily show your pediatrician your child’s milestones progress.

How do I track both of my twins?
Easy peasy! Our app allows you to choose between different kids by identifying each by name when you sign up! You can also track two children of different ages in the same way.

Does the WeeSchool app address or adjust milestones for preemies or babies with delays?
Not at this time. This is a feature we know is important, but it is very difficult for us to make solid recommendations. For preemies, pediatricians recommend using an “adjusted age”—chat with your child’s doctor about what is the most appropriate adjust age for your baby, which will depend on how early he or she was born.

Where did all the information in WeeSchool come from?
We’re so glad you asked! Please refer to our research page for all of this important information, and so you can understand all the work we did for you—so you don’t have to!

I have an idea for WeeSchool. How can I reach you?
We LOVE to hear from our Play Group members! Please contact us at parents@weeschool.wpengine.com. And also be sure to check out our articles, tips, and giggles on our For Parents section, and, of course, on all our social media sites. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter.

I don’t like one of the toys I ordered. How do I return it?
When you order toys from the WeeSchool store, your entire order actually takes place on Amazon, so please use Amazon’s wonderfully easy return process from inside your Amazon account.

Still didn’t find your question above? Email us at support@WeeSchool.com.