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Welcome to WeeSchool

In those very special few years from birth to 3, your wee one's brain grows to 80 percent of its adult size as it creates millions of new connections every. single. day. But don't panic: WeeSchool's got your back.

We've taken the most cutting-edge research and decades of knowledge about baby's brain development and have created the set of instructions the hospital didn't send home with your baby. But we've made it simple: it all looks, and feels, like… play!

WeeSchool: It's what comes before preschool.

Track Milestones

Follow your wee one's growth through 117 developmental milestones using the WeeSchool First Concepts Framework™, which helps you understand the five distinct areas of your child's learning.

Play Smart

Engage in the right play at the right time guided by WeeSchool's amazing Play Plans. You'll get access to hundreds of super-fun, super-easy activities for your child's age and stage. We also recommend the best toys to support the smart play that's at the heart of WeeSchool—as well as the best way to use them.

Enrich Daily Routines

Need some resources to make parenting easier? Our app includes support tools to make daily routines - like bathing and bedtime - more fun.

  • WeeBathe

  • WeeSleep

  • WeeBooks

Join our playgroup!

Right now, we're in Beta—which means you can be a part of WeeSchool FOR FREE! To join, simply become a WeeSchool member (sign up in the app) and you'll have access to the very best parenting resources andcontent available for your wee one. You'll love it, and your kiddo will, too.

When you join, you'll be able to personalize your milestones with you wee one's photos or videos—and then share those milestones moments with famiy and friends. You'll also get access to the WeeSchool Play Plans, the backbone of our guide to smart parenting! Plus, a super-helpful sleep tool that helps soothe your baby as well as keep track of his or her hours in bed, and a fun app to entertain you and your baby at bath time! All of these amazing features will be in one single app: WeeSchool, the smartest baby app for parents. Coming in early 2017!

The Research Behind It All

Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you need to become a child development expert. So we took the collective knowledge and research of many national and international experts—and turned it into a fun, easy-to-use app. We did the homework for you! Our goal is to ensure preschool readiness for all wee ones. That's why we say: "WeeSchool before preschool."