Free Sleep Tracker and Smart Musical Nightlight


Every new parent’s dream

Sleep – both yours and baby’s – is an important factor in early development, and in overall health and wellness. Often, new parents and caregivers desperately search for techniques that help their babies fall asleep comfortably and stay asleep. These include bedtime routines and the use of soothing music or so-called white-noise sounds. We designed WeeSleep to meet the dual needs of a musical nightlight that works (really!) and a sleep tracker.

App features

  • Can serve as a simple sleep timer or a smart musical nightlight
  • In audio mode, choose from Classical lullabies or eight white-noise sound programs
  • Optional Restart on Cry feature activates automatically to soothe your baby back to sleep
  • Timed sessions are stored in a Sleep Log that can be printed or emailed
When I recently learned about the WeeSchool App, my immediate reaction was OMG, this is exactly what sleep-deprived, data-nerd parents need!