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Smarter play made simple!

Today’s Activity Daily activities from birth to age 3 – yep, hundreds of fun, easy-to-do activities that explore important developmental concepts using household items or app-embedded e-books, songs and videos.

WeePlay Curriculum A full, play-based curriculum that develops 102 core concepts for preschool readiness – WeePlay Activities use the best early-learning toys and popular children’s books. Join the WeePlay Club to have the toys and books delivered to your door.

Find an Activity For DIYers, browse more than 1,400 play and reading activities by developmental skill or academic concept. In three taps, you’ll find options for the perfect playtime pursuit.

WeePlay activities incorporate the latest brain development science and best parenting practices recommended by the Harvard Center on the Developing Child and other leading institutions.

This is a transformative tool for new parents. It is, truly, like having a family educator right at your disposal to help guide you to help your child succeed.

Today’s Activities: A dose of daily fun

Looking for 5-to-20 minutes of quality “we time?” We provide a suggestion every day from the date your baby was born to his or her third birthday. That’s right – 1,095 daily activities based on your baby’s age in days and aligned with our WeePlay Curriculum. And, no, it’s not a problem to miss one. Every fourth activity is a catch-up, or redo-a-favorite, day.

Activities use household items or app-embedded media, and often include information about why the play is important or ways to extend the play to enrichment activities.

WeePlay Curriculum: Lesson plans for parents

We couldn’t help ourselves. We’re educational publishers, and thought it would be really cool to create the first true curriculum for children (newborns to age 3) that would expose them to the key ideas in our WeePlay Curriculum Framework. How’d we do it? We created more than 500 play-to-learn activities for wee ones and their parents to enjoy together. On Graduation Day, your kiddo will be more than prepared for preschool or Head Start.

WeePlay Club: Save time, save money, reduce junk

Most families have too many baby toys. According to a recent study, having too many toys can reduce your child’s ability to think creatively. So, be smarter. Join the WeePlay Club and we’ll ship the right toys and books to you at just the right time.
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WeePlay Media: Multisensory learning

Babies use all their senses to play and learn. We’ve created a rich library of music, engaging video board books, language-development word cards and e-books to support our media-enriched learning activities. You can share these resources with your wee one, confident that your multisensory approach is creating positive, memorable experiences.

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How we developed the WeePlay Curriculum

We’re committed to giving all newborns the best possible start. That requires great parenting, and great parenting requires tools and resources that support sound, healthy growth. Decades of academic research have provided profound insights into the nature of early childhood development and learning. We’re turning those insights into practical, everyday approaches you can use to guide your wee one’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development from birth to age 3.

Easy to say, not so easy to do.

We first scoured publications from trusted, nationally recognized institutions with a simple goal: To catalog what a child needs to know, and know how to do, to be successful in preschool. During our analysis, we reviewed these and other documents:

  • Ireton Infant Development Inventory and Child Development Review (CDR)
  • MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Early
  • Childhood Program Standards (NAEYC)
  • Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework (HSCD)
  • Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (CELDG)
  • California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations (CITL)
  • National Council for the Social Studies Curriculum Standards (NCSS)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • The Science of Early Child Development by Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

We then enlisted the help of pediatricians, early childhood specialists, early language development experts and, of course, moms and dads as we identified which learning objectives to include in our budding pre-preschool curriculum.

Next, we sequenced these objectives by age appropriateness into a master blueprint titled “WeeSchool First Concepts Framework.”

Finally, the cool part was creating useful parenting tools in the form of a just-right, developmental milestones roadmap, fun and engaging learning activities, and best-in-class music, videos and books to share with babies and toddlers, helping you make sure your kiddo will be ready for preschool or Head Start when that time comes.

The WeePlay Curriculum develops these 102 concepts in fun, play-to-learn activities that prepare toddlers to succeed in Head Start or preschool programs.