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Social Impact

Every child born deserves an opportunity to thrive. To that end, WeeSchool is about leveling the playing field, starting from birth. We provide access to the best information and resources for all parents to use with all babies, regardless of a family’s socioeconomic, educational or cultural status. Digital distribution defies the confines of geography, giving WeeSchool global reach – at the touch of a button on a device used by billions of parents.

What we know is this: all parents want their children to be happy and successful, and the tools and resources we’re creating help them pursue that dream.

Four years into life, poor kids in America are already an entire year behind.

Our Team


  • Julie Clark •

    CEO, WeeSchool

    Best known for creating the wildly successful Baby Einstein Company, Julie is also a teacher, a mom, and the world’s best chocolate chip cookie maker. She’s written more than 30 bestselling children’s books, and attributes her love of literature to parents who read to her every day. Julie has traveled to every continent (including Antarctica!) with her husband and daughters, but especially loves her home state of Colorado, where she hikes, practices yoga, hangs out with her cats, enjoys gardening and makes cool stuff for babies.
  • Will Clark •

    COO, WeeSchool

    Though he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, Will instead has been starting businesses since the age of 17. He was named an Entrepreneur of the Year for founding Optical Data, a company that brought visual teaching strategies into classrooms across the country to help kids learn science. When wife Julie gave birth to the idea for Baby Einstein (after giving birth to their daughters), Will became the company’s COO, publisher and everything in-between. As a WeeSchool co-founder, Will loves making stuff and prefers the creative process that happens outside an office setting.
  • Luis Duarte •

    Investment Officer, Gary Community Investment Company

    Luis grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico, but now lives permanently with his wife, his two little boys and a miniature schnauzer in Denver, CO. As a mechanical engineer with an MBA, Luis first became interested in WeeSchool through his work with Gary Community Investments and his philanthropic focus on early childhood education. Known for his impeccable taste in men’s clothing, Luis sets a ridiculously high fashion standard for other WeeSchool Board members.
  • Lisa Stone •

    Lisa Stone • Co-Founder, BlogHer

    Though occasionally homesick for Montana, Lisa has learned to love Silicon Valley; it’s where she raised three kids and helped to create an entire movement in community and women as a co-founder of BlogHer. Lisa’s passions are storytelling, user aspiration, technology and karaoke – in that order – and she’s used all of them as a mom. An early Baby Einstein adopter, Lisa was happy to join the WeeSchool team as a Board member and advisor.
  • Don Warriner •

    Managing Partner, Vonzos Partners

    Don is an investor and business development exec with deep experience building, leading, funding and selling companies nationally and internationally. He’s currently a co-founder and Managing Partner of accelerator fund Vonzos Partners, and is a seed investor in WeeSchool. Don is the dad of two grown kids, can recommend a kick-ass bottle of wine for any meal, and as a fifth-generation Coloradan, can ski like nobody’s business.

Team Members

  • Joaquin Brown •

    Senior Mobile Engineer

    Wannabe rock-and-roll star Joaquin kicks butt as a senior mobile engineer when not practicing guitar or yoga. He’s the dad of one amazing little boy and two funny little cats. Joaquin hails from Culver City, CA, home of Sony Pictures, where he frequently can be found hiding sushi, his favorite food, from cats Jack and Oscar.
  • Mark Burr •

    Video Director

    Mark has been in film production and editing for over 30 years, but first became involved in children’s programming after meeting the Clarks in 1998. Few know his other special talent is as an ambidextrous puppeteer – a skill he picked up while creating Baby Einstein and WeeSchool puppet shows. Dad to two young kids, Mark frequently travels abroad to serve underprivileged communities in South America and Africa.
  • Carrie Germeroth, PhD •

    Curriculum and Research Adviser

    She’s a certified Hikemaster in Colorado, but Carrie also is WeeSchool’s early childhood expert. As the project manager for the development of the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines, there’s no one who better understands the workings of wee minds and developmental milestones. Carrie also is a researcher and professional development provider for early childhood educators with The Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy at the University of Denver. Her expertise is frequently put to good use with her own wee ones, both under 5 years old.
  • Jeff Mettais •


    Jeff has been in the baby business since the birth of his first child 19 years ago, the same year he became the licensee of Baby Einstein products in Japan. Along with serving as WeeSchool’s president, Jeff enjoys regaling his coworkers with tales of his travel escapades, which include driving a jeep all over South America as a (much) younger man. Jeff’s areas of expertise are business development and international markets.
  • Betty Paxton •

    Editorial Director

    Mama to human boy Beck and canine boy Blade, editorial director Betty Paton has been an innovator in educational publishing for more than 25 years, even inventing a unique interactive method for effectively conveying information (for which she and Will Clark were awarded a patent). When she isn’t chest deep in researching and writing for WeeSchool, Betty dreams of traveling to Madagascar to check out the wildlife with her trusty camera (this lady takes stunning photos like nobody’s business). She’s also WeeSchool’s grammar whiz, happy to whip out the red pen for unnecessary apostrophes—especially those that are erroneously inserted when last names are pluralized. Please… just stop!
  • Eric Peterson •

    Senior Server-Side Engineer

    Fifth grade dodgeball champion, vegan chef and snowboard enthusiast, Eric handles systems architecture and development for WeeSchool. The only team member without kids or pets, Eric proudly shares photos of his adorable succulents when the rest of the gang discusses family. A former studio engineer and producer, he worked with the likes of Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Pharell and other entertainers before building his own tech company, Linksee. Raised in Austin, TX, Eric is a world-renowned critic of Tex-Mex cuisine.
  • Rick Simms •

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rick, the company’s CFO and nonprofit networker, started life as an accountant and later served as CFO for various start-up companies. Rick currently serves as Board Chair for Mental Health Center of Denver. This grandfather of three rides his bike over three mountain passes in two days each summer (120 miles) as a top fundraiser for Colorado Children’s Hospital, and is one of WeeSchool’s earliest investors.
  • Bill Weisbach •

    Music and Sound Design Director

    Can you say “talented”? Give this guy an instrument and he’ll whip you up a song. Music and sound director Bill Weisbach has been a musician since he was a wee one, and has studied music composition, jazz performance and computer programming at various schools. He also invented the original ‘music box orchestra’ sound when working with Julie and Will Clark at Baby Einstein. Dad of one son, Bill has received four Gold Album awards from the RIAA, makes a mean omelet and enjoys inventing electro-acoustic instruments in his spare time.
  • Sarah Wohl •

    UI/UX and Graphic Design

    San Francisco-based design nerd, foodie and weekend adventurer, Sarah is the artist behind WeeSchool’s mobile app and website experiences. When not at her desk pushing pixels, she’s out exploring the Bay Area by motorcycle or teaching night classes for up-and-coming designers. She has a passion for pancakes, a severe case of wanderlust, and takes joy in creating delightful, meaningful and beautiful experiences that make people’s lives better.


  • Gary Community Investment Company

  • Melissa & Doug

  • The Kenneth King Foundation

  • Vonzos Partners

Our Research

At WeeSchool, we are committed to giving all newborns the best possible start. That requires great parenting, and great parenting requires tools and resources that support sound, healthy development. Decades of academic research have provided profound insights into the nature of early childhood development and learning. We’ve turned those insights into practical, everyday approaches you can take to guide your wee one’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development from birth to age 3.

How We Did It

We first scoured publications from trusted, nationally recognized institutions with a simple goal: To catalog what a child needs to know—and know how to do—to be successful in preschool. During our analysis, we reviewed…

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Early
  • Childhood Program Standards (NAEYC)
  • National Council for the Social Studies curriculum standards (NCSS)
  • Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework (HSCD)
  • California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations (CITL)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (CELDG)
  • Ireton Infant Development Inventory and Child Development Review (CDR)
  • MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI)

We then enlisted the help of pediatricians, early childhood specialists, early language development experts We then enlisted the help of pediatricians, early childhood experts, educational publishing specialists and, of course, moms and dads as we identified which learning objectives to include in our budding pre-preschool curriculum. Next, we sequenced these objectives by age appropriateness into a master blueprint we call the WeeSchool First Concepts Framework™. Finally comes the fun part, creating useful parenting tools in the form of fun, engaging, easy-to-use learning activities for you and your baby or toddler to share.

WeeSchool is in session!