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important activities to do with your baby

Welcome to WeeSchool

By now, you've realized this: You are your child's first, and most important, teacher. It feels like a huge responsibility, and it is. The good news? We've broken it all down and have done the homework for you.

In those super special years from birth to age 3, your baby’s brain grows to 80 percent of its adult size as it creates millions of new connections every single day. Lots of questions. Lots of responsibility. And now a great solution.

From the creators of Baby Einstein comes the most up-to-date research about baby’s development and the “instruction manual” the hospital didn’t send home with you and your baby. It’s mobile, easy to use, will save you time and money, and can create countless playful moments as you shape your wee one’s earliest development, growth and learning.

We call it WeeSchool. It’s what comes before preschool, and we’ve put it in a single, smart, baby development app like no other.

Understand (and capture) beautiful milestones

Not sure what to expect from your wee one? Be confident about what’s happening -- and why -- by following your baby’s month-by-month progress through 117 research-based milestones.

Play smart

That little bundle of joy is learning all the time – through play! The WeeSchool app gives you hundreds of fun, age-appropriate activities that use household objects, common toys and popular children’s books to help develop important concepts. We call them “Play Plans,” and they’ll help you understand how to play smart with your baby.

Enrich daily routines

Most of baby’s day is spent repeating certain events – sleeping, eating, bathing, playing, hearing stories. The WeeSchool App includes a “For Baby” content library of the best interactive ebooks, joyful music and engaging videos you and your wee one will love.

Join our play group!

Thousands of parents have become weeschoolers since our launch, helping their babies grow and thrive developmentally. It's easy! Download our iOS App (Android coming this fall, 2017) and join the fun - giggles guaranteed.

The research behind it all

Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you need to become a child development expert. So we did that work for you, taking the collective knowledge and research of many national organizations and turning it into a fun and easy-to-use parenting toolkit. Our mission is to make parenting easier, make children happier and improve preschool readiness for all wee ones. That’s why we say: WeeSchool before preschool.

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