Where parents learn to play, and wee ones play to learn.

Welcome to weeSchool, a new vision for early childhood parenting from the creators of Baby Einstein.

Think of us as the instruction manual that didn’t come with your baby. We help parents understand healthy child development, to keep wee ones laughing and learning.

We also make the very best videos, books and music for babies and toddlers available – all from your mobile device.

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Our approach

Research shows the best way to support healthy development in children from birth to three is through play. What could be more fun than that? We’re a team of parents with backgrounds in education, and we want to help you be the best teacher you can be. We see the home as a classroom, you as the teacher, your child as the student. Our toys, books, media and activities make for a rich and wonderful “curriculum.”

Smart parents

weeSchool empowers you! Fully engage your child’s developing senses with Play Plans that will help take the uncertainty out of being your child’s first teacher. You’re like a tour guide, crafting a remarkable journey of discovery.

Happy babies

Babies are like funny little learning machines, happiest when exploring sights, sounds and concepts. weeSchool’s incredible content helps to keep those machines happy – and healthy.


weeSchool parenting tools and resources are derived from research-based developmental inventories and aligned with the most up-to-date early childhood guidelines – the same ones used by pediatricians.

It starts with you

Does it feel like a daunting challenge, guiding your child through the first three years of life? That’s because it is! But the potential reward is a happy, healthy child who will be ready for preschool when the time comes. And we’ve got your back. We’ve done the heavy lifting and have made it easy for you to support your child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth by creating toys, resources and tools that you and your baby will love.


Stuff for smart parents

Think of weeSchool’s free apps as a teacher assistant who lives on your mobile device. Our unique Milestones app helps you understand, track, capture and share the story of your kiddo’s first three years.

Other apps offer loads of ways to engage with your wee one, and our children’s videos connect digital experiences to meaningful play activities supported by our Play Plans.

Your child will love our delightfully silly weeBooks, as well as timeless music crafted by award-winning musician William Weisbach.
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Stuff for happy babies

The tools you’ll use with your child are all about making learning fun, engaging and memorable. They take many forms: books, music, videos, hands-on activities and, of course, toys. When you buy toys from us, you’ll receive directions in the form of our Play Plans, which help you understand how to play and why to play with your child.

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Amazingly, your wee one’s brain will grow to a whopping 80 percent of its adult size by age three!

And it’s not just knowledge they’re gaining – there’s social, emotional and intellectual development taking place. Our kids are our future, and we can help them build a bright one.

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Are you a parent or caregiver with a question? An investor or non-profit organization seeking to get involved in changing early childhood education? Drop us a note.


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Give back

We’re proud to say that our business allows us to support causes that we believe in, such as Wayland’s Warriors, a non-profit organization helping to fund research in DIPG, a fatal form of childhood cancer.

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