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The free all-in-one app that has the baby development info you want, the playtime activities your baby needs, and super-smart shopping tips to save you time, money and worry.

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Smarter Parenting from WeeSchool

The really smart folks at Harvard say there are two factors that most directly affect the development of your baby’s brain:

  • The quality of your baby’s early experiences
  • Levels of stress in your baby’s environment

Smarter Parenting is your solution. Use our WeeSchool tools and resources to de-stress the daily challenges of being a new parent and engage with your wee one in ways that support happy, healthy development and readiness for preschool. Our solution has two components.

WeeSchool App

The app promotes a rich array of early experiences, from playing with toys to listening to joyful music by Mozart. Choose from fun, simple, daily activities using everyday household items or in-depth activities using particular toys, books and pieces of music. Both expose your wee one to important concepts in emotional, physical and social development, language, early math, science, art and music.

WeeSchool has the science covered

Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you need to become a child development expert. So, we did that work for you by gathering the research and guidelines of many national organizations, blending it with the advice of pediatricians, and adding our own educational publishing experience to create a super-fun and easy-to-use parenting toolkit.

Our mission is to make parenting easier, babies and toddlers happier and more children ready for preschool. That’s why we say:
WeeSchool before preschool

There is just something special about knowing WeeSchool gives you the tools to be the mother you want to be – engaged and armed with the knowledge to help your child grow as they approach preschool – as well as both enjoy and chronicle the moments you will always want to remember.
Julie on a field trip with her PreK class.

Meet our founder

When my first baby was born, I realized how much influence a parent has on a child’s future. Every baby is a unique, beautiful opportunity. What we expose our kids to makes all the difference, and the best time to start is during the first three years of his or her life. It’s not only when the brain is most receptive to learning – it’s when a parent has total control over what their child sees and hears and touches and feels.

This knowledge was the catalyst for my first company, Baby Einstein, and now for WeeSchool. My goal is to help all parents feel confident that they’re doing the right thing, at the right time, for their wee ones. Raising healthy, well-developed human beings is a hard job – and the most important one you’ll ever have. It’s one you’ll be most proud of, too.

Julie Clark

WeeSchool uses today’s technology to create the most complete educational experience for babies and toddlers.