The smartest baby app for parents

Your needs as a new parent are simple: You want information you can trust and ideas to make parenting easier. You want to know you’re doing the right things to support the healthy development of that and little bundle of joy. Our solution is a single app with five essential functions – baby milestones, learning activities, tools and resources to enrich daily routines, journaling and sharing, and smart shopping.

We’re in beta now, but adding new amazing content every day. Over the next several months, you’ll additional features including new activities, and great new music, video and ebooks.

Now available in the app

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    Milestones | Personalized tracking and sharing

    You won’t believe how fast the time goes and your baby grows. Record dates and keep photos as your wee one accomplishes each milestone; then, share those precious events with family, friends or your pediatrician. At the end of three years, you’ll have an incredible scrapbook of your wee one’s Milestone Moments.

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    Play | First learning made fun and easy

    Play Plans are simple “recipes” for exploring and developing 100 key concepts that are important for your wee one to understand before entering preschool. What’s a key concept? It’s a basic skill like sorting or drawing, and core knowledge like doggies walk and birdies fly.

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    For Baby | Fun stuff!

    Award-winning children’s author and Baby Einstein creator Julie Clark has added interactive ebooks and new, baby-friendly HD videos for you to share with your child. And our For Baby section also includes a smart musical nightlight that soothes your wee one to sleep with lullabies, white noise or nature sounds. Looking for music that will delight your wee one and not drive you crazy? For Baby includes nearly 100 of the most beautiful musical masterpieces ever composed.

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    Journal | Creating a family keepsake

    Ever wish you had a video of your baby standing for the first time? Saying “mama”? Our Journal sends reminders and keeps track of your wee one’s triumphs and your skill in playing “the great parenting game.” You can export it or share it with family, friends or your child’s doctor.

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    Shop | Which toys and books are best?

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number toys, books and accessories to choose from – many claiming to be critical to healthy baby development and growth. We help by aligning expert shopping tips with developmental milestones and learning activities, providing links to online retailers.
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Expecting soon

  • WeeBooks

    Our interactive ebooks expose your child to sights and sounds not possible in traditional print books; written by best-selling author Julie Clark, the creator of Baby Einstein®

  • WeeTube

    The very best videos for wee ones see the world through a child’s eyes and expose them to happy, beautiful sights and sounds. Take your wee one’s eyes and ears on all-new video fields trips and immerse him or her in creative play and first-learning experiences. Watch our WeeSchool channel on YouTube here:

  • WeeTunes

    Instill an early love of music in your wee one with WeeTunes – a music library that’s fun for listening, great for dancing, and perfect for sing-along, arranged and produced by award-winning musician Bill Weisbach.

  • WeeChat

    Our version of the teacher lounge! WeeChat features parent-to-parent exchanges about things that work…and things that don’t.

  • WeeSchool for Android

    Coming soon, we’ll have WeeSchool for Android! Sign up to be notified when it’s available.