Smart parenting in your pocket

Welcome to WeeSchool

In those very special years from birth to age 3, your baby’s brain grows to 80 percent of its adult size as it creates millions of new connections every single day. Lots of questions. Lots of responsibility. And now a great solution.

We started with the most up-to-date research about baby’s development and used it to create the instruction manual the hospital didn’t send home with you and your baby. It’s mobile, easy to use, will save you time and money, and can create countless joyful moments as you shape your wee one’s earliest development, growth and learning.

We call it WeeSchool. It’s what comes before preschool, and we’ve put it in a single, smart, baby development app like no other.

Track baby milestones

Be confident about what’s happening and why by following your wee one’s month-by-month progress through 117 research-based milestones.

Play smart

For babies, play is all about learning. Engage in the right play at the right time by using WeeSchool Play Plans – super-fun, age-appropriate activities that use common toys and popular children’s books to help develop important educational concepts.

Enrich daily routines

Most of baby’s day is spent repeating certain events – sleeping and napping, eating, bathing, listening to music while playing, hearing stories. The WeeSchool App includes a suite of tools for daily routines and a content library of captivating interactive ebooks, joyful music and engaging videos you and your wee one will love.

Join our play group!

We’re in Beta — which means you can become a WeeSchooler now for FREE! To join, simply download the app and upgrade to become a Premium Member. You’ll have immediate access to enhanced features and a growing library of Play Plans and beautiful content.

The research behind it all

Parenting is hard enough without feeling like you need to become a child development expert. So, we did that work for you, taking the collective knowledge and research of many national organizations and turning it into a fun and easy-to-use parenting toolkit. Our mission is to improve preschool readiness for all children. That’s why we say: WeeSchool before preschool.

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